What sets us apart

Experience, Partnership, Responsibility


Rosenthal Research was voted Best International Data Collection Agency in an image study conducted by one of the largest German portals for market, media and opinion research (Marktforschung.deView results)

Rosenthal Research won 1st place in each and every category:
· Willingness to recommend the company to others
· Reliability
· Data Quality
· Quality of Service provided
· Innovation or Creativity
· Value for Money
· Expertise / Advisory Skills


Rosenthal Research works with a sense of responsibility for their clients. End-clients base their decisions on data provided by us. We are conscious of our responsibility towards our clients in terms of making sure that they continue a successful relationship with the end client. In accordance with this, our core values are not only reliability, timeliness, good service and flexibility but also a transparent and a confiding behaviour towards our clients. Rosenthal Research and the Foerster & Thelen Group have developed a reputation of being a specialist in international fieldwork, working in accordance with the aforementioned values. In terms of combined turnover, Rosenthal Research and the Foerster & Thelen Group are one of Europe’s largest independent data collection organizations.


Rosenthal Research and the Foerster & Thelen Group can offer extensive internal capacities. Our CATI centres located in Barcelona, Bochum, Berlin and an associated CATI centre in the US allow us to cover many languages. In particular our Barcelona and Berlin centres enable us to conduct several Western and Eastern European countries internally. Additionally, we cover most B2B projects and certain B2C surveys in Latin America from Barcelona. All interviewers used by Rosenthal Research and the Foerster & Thelen Group are native speakers.


Rosenthal Research and the Foerster & Thelen Group have proprietary F2F field forces in Austria, Germany, and Spain.


Rosenthal Research and the Foerster & Thelen Group have proprietary Focus Group Facilities in Barcelona, Berlin, Bochum, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Hannover and Mannheim, as well as proprietary moderators in the US. The countries and methods not covered with internal capacities are conducted with tried and tested partners.


As Rosenthal has been exclusively conducting international data collection since 2001, we have built a robust and well-established network of tried and tested partners worldwide. The key to building a reliable and successful network of partners is experience. As Rosenthal Research has been engaged in international data collection for two decades, our partner network represents a cost effective, reliable and secure solution to your global data collection needs.


Having offices in several countries and the combination of extensive internal international capacities, coupled with a long standing and strong network of partners, sets us apart from many of our competitors, and puts us in the position to deliver reliably and in accordance with the highest quality standards.