Quality Control

Awareness of the need + full application of the protocol
= Quality Fieldwork
The most important aspect of fieldwork is quality control. Therefore, quality assurance does not start with training interviewers but training all members of staff with regard to internalizing the importance thereof and with regard to each aspect of this subject.

Rosenthal Research´s comprehensive training manuals for interviewers and its members of staff, combined with standardized, continuous, and extensive training efforts, ensure a consistent, responsible and effective quality control process.

CATI Interviewing

  • Careful pre-selection during job interviews.
  • Exclusive deployment of native speakers.
  • Intensive training sessions.
  • Carefully conducted project briefings.
  • Live monitoring of a minimum of 10% of each interviewer’s completes.
  • Consistency checks of 100% of completes per project.

F2F Interviewing​

  • Intensive training sessions.
  • Carefully conducted project briefings.
  • Control of logic and formal aspects of 100% of completes per project.
  • Base Control (written format):
    25% of each interviewer’s completes are validated.
  • Follow Up Validation (via phone):
  • Up to 100 % in the context of questionable circumstances.

Qualitative Fieldwork​

  • Careful recruitment of respondents.
  • Validation of the respondents recruited.
  • Exclusion of respondents who participated in qualitative market research projects in the last 3 months.
  • Exclusion of respondents who work in sectors sensitive to the project.
  • Recruitment of respondents who are extroverted and imaginative.
  • Exclusive use of the best moderators.
  • Exclusive use of moderators who speak English to assure an understanding between the client and the moderator.