About us

We make multi-country data collection simple

Rosenthal Research is a globally operating Data Collection Agency based in Barcelona.

Rosenthal was founded in 2001 as a fieldwork agency specializing in international data collection; in other words, from the start our core business has been multi-country and international research. We provide high quality data for both quantitative and qualitative market research studies worldwide. Our value proposition is to be a reliable and cost effective single point of access for global data collection, combining large multinational internal resources with professional coordination services. Together with a US market research agency, Rosenthal has a cooperation branded International Field Solutions giving us access to offices in New York.
In 2007, Foerster & Thelen, one of Germany’s oldest and largest data collection agencies became a shareholder in Rosenthal Research.

Foerster & Thelen holds shares in 3 additional fieldwork agencies. This group of sister companies as well as Foerster & Thelen as the mother company is called the Foerster & Thelen Group.

Rosenthal and the Foerster & Thelen Group have offices in Barcelona, Berlin, Bochum, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, Mannheim, Vienna and New York.

The Foerster&Thelen Group turns over approximately USD 25 million and conducts around 1 million interviews per year.

Rosenthal Research and the Foerster & Thelen Group are amongst the leading organizations in international data collection.

We conduct B2C and B2B interviews, online interviews, CATI interviews, F2F interviews, Focus Groups etc. on a global level.

Our international management team speaks English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Polish and Russian, and Rosenthal Research conducts in the region of 150 multi-country projects per year.

Rosenthal Research was voted:

•    “Best Data Collection Agency» in the 2016 market research image study conducted by Germany’s largest market research portal called “marktforschung.de”.
•    “Best Data Collection Agency» in the 2022 market research image study conducted by Germany’s largest market research portal called “marktforschung.de”.
Rosenthal Research and our sister company F&T were the only companies awarded 8 medals in the 8 categories evaluated. The categories were: Expertise / Advisory Skills, Data Quality, Reliability, Quality Control, Innovation and Creativity, Service Orientation, Value for Money, Recommendable