Foerster & Thelen Group

A large group means large internal coverage

F&T Group Structure and Background Information

  • Rosenthal Research is located in Barcelona.
  • Rosenthal Research has a cooperation called “International Field Solutions” with the US market research company giving us access to offices in New York
  • 50% of Rosenthal are held by Foerster&Thelen, one of Germany’s oldest and largest independent fieldwork agencies.
    Foerster&Thelen hold 35% to 100% in 3 additional data collection agencies.
  • This group of “sister companies” is called the Foerster&Thelen Group.
  • Rosenthal Research/the Foerster&Thelen Group are specialized in national and international data collection and market research services
  • The Foerster&Thelen Group has proprietary offices in Barcelona, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Hannover, Bochum, Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Vienna, and access to offices in New York
  • The Foerster&Thelen Group turns over approximately USD 25 million and conducts around 1 million interviews per year.

Due to the merger with Foerster & Thelen – which owns shares in 3 additional data collection agencies – Rosenthal Research became an integral part of the Foerster & Thelen Group which consists of the following companies: